Refund & Cancellation


 7.1 Unfortunately, given the nature of the Services, to the extent permitted by law, any fees paid to us are non-refundable under any circumstances. For the avoidance of doubt, you are not entitled, and Flash Market will not be liable to provide, a refund from Flash Market for any Purchase of the Merchant Offerings.

7.2. All payments made to us are deemed to have been paid to the Merchant. We are not responsible for any refunds which a Merchant is required to give to another User. Despite this, we may in our discretion provide for a complimentary refund system to facilitate refunds to occur, however this system is used at your own risk and we accept no responsibility in this regard.

7.3. The Merchant is solely responsible for the supply and provision of returns and refunds of Merchant Offerings under the App. Each Merchant may have their own refund, return and cancellation policy and we encourage you to check with the Merchant before making a purchase as to what their policies are. Whilst Merchants are in certain cases obliged by law to provide a refund, return or permit a cancellation, we make no representations that Merchants will comply with such obligations and accept no responsibility if they fail to do so.