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About Us


We're a Perth based start-up specialising in real-time, on demand daily deals from all your favourite local businesses.


The 'Group Buying' model didn't work which is why you don't see as many daily deals in 2022. We learned from their mistakes and created real-time deals that benefit both the business and the consumers.


As we exit the pandemic, daily deals will be part of life. Bring out the bargain hunter within and support local businesses at the same time.


When you wake up each morning ... all you need to say is 'GIVE ME DEALS'


Founded in 2016 with a vision to help the local sector, the Research & Development began. While embarking in R&D, we decided to enter the charity scene and help people effected by natural disasters and mental health. We have managed to create powerful partnerships which will help the company reach the success it started out to achieve.

There have been two phases of live testing which were successful, but we still needed to design and develop more to create a better user experience.

With our newly launched site we expect to change the way shoppers engage with local retailers before moving into Trades & Services, Food & Drink, and Travel & Leisure while working to release further phases of our development including Flash Delivery, Request Offer, etc.

  • Matthew Gollan
    Founder & CEO
  • Tamica Cardy


  • Samantha Gollan
  • Elroy Yeap

    Content Creation

  • Jeremy Salt


  • Madeleine Young

    Account Manager

  • Peter Rafferty

    Support Team

Being a tech company doesn’t mean we only do tech stuff. We are a community-driven company focused on helping people online and in real life.

Highlight Compilation

  • 22 Successful fundraising campaigns with AHF

  • We've helped raise over $12 million

  • Hundreds of farmers helped

  • Thousands of lives changed

Causes We Support

Our Highlights

Heading out to the Tilpa/Wilcannia area in NSW to see how we can help the farmers in need

Matt & Troy took a couple of days off to venture all the way to outback western NSW to meet with the Ashby family and surrounding station owners to see how what assistance we could provide.

Our first hay run to Tilpa for Christmas in 2018

Matt, Troy and David drove 2,400kms in a round trip with no rest to deliver the first of many hay trucks for the annual Tilpa Christmas party.

The start of our HSV Tribute raffles and a hay run to Cobar in NSW

Going back to the year 2000 with a VT Clubsport to kick off the HSV Tribute which was the first of six cars to raise money for drought-stricken farmers.

Another hay delivery to Cobar, NSW and a very appreciative community

We can’t be there for every truck that arrives, but we love the appreciation from the community when we are there. Gordon Hill from the Rotary Club of Cobar thanks us for our efforts.

Life on the Land — Our Farming Heroes art exhibition campaign to raise money for farmers

We have known Terry Jarvis for over 20 years and know just how genuine he is so we donated $20,000 to his campaign which was being passed on to the Rotary Club of Bendigo to help the farmers.