About Flash Market

Flash Market: a mobile online shopping experience that drives locals to local businesses.

When Flash Market was founded and started in November 2016, our intent was to throw a life-raft to local businesses who were drowning in the sea of large online retailers with big bank accounts. We believed three things:

  • While still loving in-store shopping, consumers had fallen in love with online shopping and this wasn't about to change
  • There was the potential to create an online and mobile shopping experience that kept locals shopping locally, and as a result, local communities could thrive
  • Business advertising didn't have to be expensive.

With these beliefs in mind, Flash Market, a 'Clicks & Mortar Marketplace' was birthed.


Instantly delivers users the latest deals:

Showcasing Retail, and Trades & Services, we instantly deliver users the latest deals from businesses across all local industries. Flash Market operates in real time, meaning our split-second marketing allows us to offer consumers up-to-date and last-minute deals on everyday goods and services.


Enjoy a local, innovative shopping experience with Flash Market:

By combining online and in-store shopping, consumers and businesses can now enjoy a local, innovative shopping experience tailored to the needs of consumers while also supporting local family businesses.


Engage customers through the devices they like to use:

The Flash Market team know that engaging customers through the devices they like to use is a dynamic way to capture customer interest at its peak and drive locals to local businesses.


Prospects become customers:

Prospects become customers when they're getting exactly what they want delivered to their device. With Flash Market, consumers can create a customised personal shopping experience, and local businesses can provide instant offers and guaranteed service.


Give your local economy a boost and shop local with Flash Market.